SUGARTRAP — Joint exhibition and ongoing project with sculptor Kristiina Sedlerova Villanen.
(Sofia Okkonen and sculptor Kristina Sedlerova Villanen address Sinne gallery with a site-specific approach. SUGARTRAP is an exhibition, a visual conversation and an artistic collaboration where tension is formed between the large-format photographic prints and heavy sculptures spread across the space. The encounter of photographs and sculptures creates an entity which deconstructs and comments on romantic love and, above all, the time-bound nature and experience of this sweet dream-wired relationship, with its weak points and the suffocating ideological and structural models around it. The materials of the works in the exhibition, such as stone, metal, paper, toffee and a bit of salt can be seen as gentle nods and gestures towards love or as an irony on the theme.)

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01 / 08

Honey, Please and Loving Compassion.
In dialogue about Honey, Please with curator-researcher Anna Jensen. Translation: Roosa Tulvio Graphic Design: Tino Nyman

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02 / 08

ROSE — Rose by Sofia Okkonen is a photographic foreplay and profile of a woman. It presents a woman isolated in a studio, posing for a camera. The model is like an amateur actor, who gets the script just as she arrives in front of the casting directors.

The tension in the photographs is born from the discrepancy between the physical presence and the emotional absence of the model. The woman is simultaneously inviting and rejecting the gaze.

The works pose sensitive questions about how the need to be seen correlates with the need to hide, how lust correlates with fear, the natural with the artificial or the banal with the sublime. How does a woman perform femininity, and to what consequences?

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03 / 08

FISKARS BY MARIA KORKEILA — modelled on Max Kallio @kallionmax

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04 / 08

REEA WINTER Model: Anni Hintsanen - Brand Model Management.

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05 / 08

HETA VAJAVAARA LOOKBOOK — "Everyday aesthetics guide us to appreciate things as they are. We can celebrate the distinctive attributes of something, and thus be more ecological and sustainable in our actions. It shows us how much responsibility, power and opportunity designers really have to change our lives. It also makes the tremendous power of aesthetics clearly visible. The quality of life and state of the world can be improved and even determined by aesthetic concerns.⁠"

Heta Vajavaara.

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06 / 08

Taped on the skin — Defining sensuality through menswear. Collection photos for designer Emilia Kuurila.

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07 / 08

2020 ON GOING — Digital paintings

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08 / 08